HomesecurityAustralia: Authorities will have access to user accounts

Australia: Authorities will have access to user accounts

Australia: In accordance with Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), Οι powers given to two law enforcement authorities with three new warrants, are "large-scale and have a coercive nature».


The new bill on 2020 surveillance, if approved, will be delivered to Australian Federal Police (AFP) and to Australian Criminal Information Commission (ACIC) three new warrants for his treatment on-line crime.

The first of the warrants is for the disorder data, which according to the explanatory note of the bill, is intended to be used to prevent the "continuation of criminal activity by participants and to be the safest and most appropriate option when these participants are in unknown locations or acting under anonymous or false identities ".

The second is a network activity warrant that will allow AFP and ACIC to collect information from Appliances used or likely to be used by those subject to the warrant.

The last warrant concerns the withdrawal of an account and will allow companies to take control of an account, while they will be able to lock a person out of the account of.

"OAIC Recognizes the Importance of Authorized Law Enforcement Agencies Responding Seriously crimes of cyberspace. However, the proposed powers of the bill are wide-ranging and coercive in nature." said The committee.

He noted, for example, that in Australia, data and network interruption warrants may allow access to certain facilities, the removal of computers or data, and the interruption of communications.


"These powers may adversely affect her private life large numbers of people, including those not suspected of involvement in criminal activity, and should therefore be subject to careful and critical assessment of their", Said the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Information and Security (PJCIS).

"In addition, given the impact of these law enforcement powers on privacy on a wide range of individuals and networks, they should be accompanied by appropriate safeguards."

The OAIC believes that the bill needs further consideration to better ensure that any adverse effects on the privacy of individuals in Australia resulting from these coercive powers are minimized and that additional protections privacy are included in the primary legislation.

Elsewhere, the commissioner called for the bill to be amended to allow only judicial supervision and approval of warrants issued under it. Recommendations include the mandate for the destruction of information within rejected warrants, as well as the requirement for organizations to consider the usefulness of the information collected and to take active steps to destruction when they are no longer necessary for the purposes of the investigation.

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