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How to update Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS via desktop

As a Linux user, you definitely do not want to miss any updates that keep you safe. To make it easier, today we will learn how to update Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Elementary OS without getting involved with the terminal.

Why update via desktop

If you have used Windows and macOS before, then you are probably used to their desktop applications that make updating easy and convenient.

Ubuntu can be updated via the command line, but you may want an easier experience or you may not want to memorize the commands. Rest assured that a desktop-based update application, such as Ubuntu Software Updater, will does the same for you in one comprehensible form.

Remember to restart as soon as possible after the updates have been applied, if these update applications ask you to do so.

Update Ubuntu via desktop

Launch Software Updater from your app menu and the app will automatically find the updates for you. If updates are available, click Install Now and you will be prompted Password before start download and installation.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS

If you are curious about the purpose of updating packages, you can click on the Technical Description before updating to see the details of each package.

Update Linux Mint on the desktop

The Linux Mint desktop updater is called Update Manager. It should appear in the status bar of your taskbar, as a small shield with a red dot - when it contains available updates.

Alternatively, you can start by finding Update Manager in its menu application you.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS

Click Refresh to make sure all available updates have been found. If you want to know the details of incoming updates, click on each one and click on the Description, Packages and Changelog tabs.

Once you are ready, do it click in Install Updates. You will be asked Password and then the information program will do his job.

Elementary OS update

In contrast to the above distributions, the Elementary OS combines the software update program with software manager in one application called the AppStore.

All you have to do is find and launch the AppStore in its menu application and then click Installed on upper part of window.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Elementary OS

The AppStore will automatically search for updates for installed packages when they start. Once completed search, updates will appear with scalable information about its purpose information.

Click the Update All button to apply The updates. Alternatively, you can click Update individual packages that you want to update. In either case, you will be prompted for the password first start η installation.

Stay up to date on Ubuntu Linux

With your system fully up to date, you are ready to proceed as a Linux user with greater security and the latest and greatest possibilities.

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