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Amazon makes Alexa Conversations generally available

Amazon on Monday announced the general availability of Alexa Conversations, a dialog manager based on deep learning for the Alexa Skills Kit. The tool, first introduced in a preview in 2019, helps developers create more natural conversations with customers.

"Natural language is actually very difficult to emulate," Nedim Fresko, a spokesman for Amazon's Alexa Devices and Developer Technologies, told ZDNet last year. "When people talk naturally, they change theme and make contextual references to things they said. Sometimes they over-offer information and other times they skip it - this is something they can't control developers. "

To use the Alexa Conversations feature, developers provide Amazon with some sample chat phrases, as well as some APIs that run the services they are trying to acquire. From these samples, Amazon's AI system tries to predict every possible discussions that the user can do. Reduces the amount of back end code that developers need to create and the amount of training data they need to provide.

Alexa Conversations

From the presentation and the transition in beta, thousands developers have tried Alexa Conversations, including major ones commercial brand such as iRobot.

Based on beta feedback, Alexa Conversations is now enhanced error messages, as well as dialog cloning, new command line interface support and improved authoring workflows.

Source of information: zdnet.com

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