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How often do you make security updates on your mobile?

After its recent revelation Samsung, that it will give its phones security updates for four years, it makes sense for some to wonder when was the last time we updated the device us.

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In case you did not know, Samsung has revealed that it will update its phones from now on for four years. This change will apply to both upcoming devices and phones as old as the line Galaxy S10. It is possible that other manufacturers will make this commitment for the new phones, as the Google and Qualcomm announced that devices running the Snapdragon 888 should be able to receive security updates for four years. However the company's commitment to and older devices, makes it a pioneer of information Android.

If we follow the updating habits that people around the world follow, a very interesting picture is revealed. Most users, seems to be only interested in major and major upgrades to Android versions, adding new ones functions or redesigns, but monthly patches that keep their mobile secure are not as popular. Users are often impressed by the extra features or customization options, but basic things like digital banking, communications and even the secure use of social media depend on safety of smartphone, do not seem to be so interesting to them.

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In order to be able to check, at what level of information your mobile is, you should look at the Settings. It is usually referred to as a date, such as February 1, 2021 and may be in a section “on the phone”Somewhere at the bottom of the settings. You can also look for security “Android patch"," information, ”Or something similar and find it. The exact day of the update level may vary slightly (there are usually two levels for each newsletter), but it's the month and time you should be interested in.


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