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How to transfer passwords from LastPass to 1Password

LastPass and 1Password are two powerful password managers. But if you do not want to use LastPass again, it is easy to transfer your passwords to 1Password. Here's how to extract your passwords from LastPass and enter them into 1Password.

How to export passwords from LastPass

To export all your passwords in CSV format, you need to install and use the LastPass browser extension.

To get started, click the LastPass extension from the browser toolbar. If you can't find the LastPass extension in the Chrome toolbar, click the Extensions button to see all the extensions.

Select the "Account Options" button.

Subsequently, go in the "Advanced" section.

Select the "Export" function.

Now select the "LastPass CSV File" option to download the data of LastPass as a CSV file.

From the next screen, enter the main LastPass password and select "Continue".

LastPass will downloaded now the CSV file in default download location on your computer.

How to enter 1Password passwords

You can enter LastPass data very easily using the 1Password portal. To get started, open the 1Password website and sign in to account you.

Then click on your profile icon in the upper right corner and select "Import".

LastPass 1Password

From next screen, here you go the “LastPass” option.

Now, you will see some different ways to import data from LastPass. You can open the CSV file, paste all the data or transfer the CSV file. To upload the CSV file, do click at the "Or Select a File From Your Computer" link.

Then select the CSV file you downloaded from LastPass and click the "Open" button.

LastPass 1Password

After a few seconds, 1Password will notify you that the upload was successful. Click the "Show Imported Items" button to access the saved passwords.

You will now see all the input data directly in 1Password. They will be immediately available on all Appliances you who have installed the 1Password application.

LastPass 1Password

Once the export and import process is complete, you can now delete your LastPass account.

Source of information: howtogeek.com


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