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How to hide the Tab bar in Safari for iPad (or reset it)

By default, Safari for iPad displays a toolbar full of browser tabs when you have more than one tab open. If you prefer to simplify the appearance of your screen, there is a way to hide your open tabs. Here's how to hide the tab bar or restore it.

First, open Settings on the iPad by tapping the gray "gear" icon.


In Settings, scroll down to side line and press "Safari".


In Safari settings, drag up until locate the “Tabs” section. Press the switch next to "Show Tab Bar" to turn it off.

If you have previously disable the tab bar and Would you like to reset it, press the “Show Tab Bar” switch to re-enable.

After that, start Safari. You will notice that the tool bar of the tab is now hidden. (Or, if you have restored it, you will appear again.)

With the tab bar off, you can easily switch between open tabs by pressing the "Tabs" button (which looks like two overlapping squares) on tool bar. Works the same as on the iPhone.


If you change your mind and Would you like to see the tab bar again, just visit Settings> Safari again and re-enable the "Show Tab Bar". Have a good tour!

Source of information: howtogeek.com


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