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Amazon: Cameras in Delivery Trucks - Drivers Dissatisfied

For Kamille Elizabeth, who delivers Amazon packages to Wilmington, Delaware is a great place to live. She has traditions to follow and rules to follow, but says she enjoys being alone on the road with what she calls "limited freedom."

But Elizabeth's work environment is set to change as Amazon announced this month that it has begun installing cameras in delivery vehicles that will monitor both the road and drivers.


Road safety experts say that following Amazon's drivers will bring benefits to Road Safety. At the same time, drivers like Elizabeth are worried about the cameras they will have watch their every move saying that it will could lead to even dismissal or severe reprimand.

Amazon (AMZN) stated in a recent video that he hopes that the new system will offers to drivers calm as they deliver the packages, but drivers like Elizabeth say it will all cause nervousness.

"If something gets confused, I'm going to freak out," Elizabeth told CNN Business. "They'll see it on camera."

Amazon spokeswoman Deborah Bass told CNN Business that drivers would not they lose their job for just one mistake, but refused to analyze in detail how Amazon would handles videos. Amazon said the videos from the cameras will be shipped for control only in certain cases, such as abrupt braking and sharp turns.

Amazon drivers say negative experiences with the company's existing driver tracking system add to their concerns. Drivers are already using an app called Mentor that rates driving by monitoring braking, acceleration, turning, speed and distraction. However, drivers who spoke to CNN Business say the app could punish them unfairly as misinterprets reasonable driving behaviors.

Juan Ramos, who makes deliveries for Amazon in Garland, Texas, told CNN Business that he likes some of the new security features of the cameras, such as tracking driving, speed and distance. The cameras could be us help to avoid an accident, he said. But she has heard from drivers who are worried that they will get into trouble or lose her work them for something that looks like a minor infringement.

Victor Fuentes, an Amazon driver in California, told YouTube that he hates cameras, as sometimes he needs to violate them rules to do his job quickly.

It remains to be seen exactly how drivers will be able to adapt to the new conditions and how Amazon intends to use the videos.

Source of information: edition.cnn.com

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