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Hyundai: The recall of 82.000 electric vehicles will be one of the most expensive in history

Η Hyundai will recall 82.000 electric cars to replace their batteries, as they were made 15 reports of fire. Despite the relatively small number of cars affected, the recall of Hyundai electric vehicles is one of the most expensive in history, which shows that the potential defects of electric cars can ultimately be very costly for the automotive industry.

Hyundai recall

In fact, Hyundai will have to spend 1 trillion Korean won or $ 900 million for this process. That means, on average the cost for each vehicle will be $ 11.000.

Η company is called to replace the entire battery, which is an extreme measure, requiring about the same volume of work and about the same cost as replacing the entire engine of a traditional internal combustion car. Very few petrol recalls cars require replacement of the entire engine. One such case was the recall of the 785 Porsche 911 GT3 sports car in 2014. Porsche did not mention the cost of this whole process, but it was certainly very high.

However, a recall that costs over $ 11.000 per vehicle is extremely rare. Exact details are not available because most car manufacturers do not disclose the cost of their recalls.

Of course, the petrol ones vehicles is much more than electric, so the total cost of these recalls could easily exceed the $ 900 million cost of this recall to Hyundai. But the number of vehicles recalled also matters. The average cost of a vehicle recall over the last 10 years has been around $ 500 per vehicle, according to Mike Held, executive at AlixPartners.

The cost of Hyundai recall is another indication of how expensive are electric batteries vehicles in relation to the cost of the whole car. Until the cost of batteries is reduced, the cost of building electric vehicles will remain higher than that of gasoline-powered vehicles.

In a few years, batteries will be cheaper and thus will reduce the total cost of manufacturing electric vehicles.

However, a problem like the one Hyundai is now facing with fires can be very costly to an automaker, as it needs to be replaced. battery.

No one was injured in any of the fires in the Hyundai cars, as many of them took place when the vehicles they were stopped and no one was inside. No incidents were reported in the United States.

Hyundai investigated the matter and spoke of a short circuit.

electric vehicles

The recall also includes Ioniq EV and Elec City vehicles in South Korea. In all, 27.000 Korean vehicles are recalled and 55.000 elsewhere around the world.

Similar incidents with fires in electric vehicle batteries have occurred in other companies. THE GM also recalls an earlier version of the electric Chevrolet Bolt, for the same reason.

Source: CNN International

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