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SpaceX Starship: The first passenger of the #dearMoon project

On March 2, the first citizen who got tickets for the first one SpaceX Starship who will go to moon, through #dearMoon project, will make an update about it.

SpaceX #dearMoon

Space tourism seems to be becoming more and more easily accessible every day and for those who are very rich or very lucky it can offer them an unforgettable experience. Earlier this month, SpaceX announced it would send four "simple" citizens in orbit before the end of 2021.

There is also a longer-term project of SpaceX, known as #dearMoon, funded by the Japanese businessman and billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, which aims to transport artists to the moon by 2023.

The project, announced in September 2018, aims to send citizens who want it, into orbit around the moon, in a trip lasting one week. It has been a long time since we have heard about this project. On Thursday, Maezawa posted a short tweet about the #dearMoon project, indicating that there will be a "big update" on it on Tuesday, March 2nd.

Maezawa buys six to eight seats in a SpaceX Starship, the spacecraft under construction by his rocket company Elon Musk, in order to send people on interplanetary travel.

In recent months we have heard about some originals Starship, who have made test take-offs and landings at the company's test unit in Texas. However, the efforts so far have failed spacecraft collide and explode during landing. Nevertheless, the efforts continue and there is enough time to fix the whole business. Another original is expected to fly in the coming days and perhaps if this has a successful landing, the Maezawa update on March 2 will look a little more realistic.

If you want to learn more about the project, you can follow it Maezawa's Twitter account.

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