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Telegram: Automatically deletes messages with a timer

Telegram is releasing a new update for the iOS and Android application that brings features such as automatic deletion of messages, chat widget and expiring invitation links. The company shared this information with the public earlier this week. Telegram explains that the self-timer feature will automatically delete messages either 24 hours or seven days after they are sent.


Auto-delete only applies to messages sent after the timer is set - previous messages will continue to remain in the history of conversations. The countdown starts from the moment the message is sent and not from the moment it is read. To turn on the timer on Android, click on more (represented by three vertical lines)> Clear History> Choose the duration. Telegram iPhone users will have to press and hold a message, and select Select> Clear Chat (top left)> Enable Auto-Delete. Specifically, Telegram has introduced a new widget for iOS which includes a shortcut for your favorite or recent conversations. A chat widget has also been released showing a preview of recent messages. The company explains: “On Android, chats and messages in the widget will always be up to date. In iOS, widgets will receive new data occasionally - this is due to restrictions of systemic. "

With the latest version of Telegram, users will be able to send invitation links to users that expire after a specified time - such as with messages that will expire deleted automatically. Users can also see who participated using the invitation link to find out where come from the new members or which form was the most effective for the development. To view and manage invitation links, tap to open your group or channel profile in Profile> Edit> Invite Links.

Other features include new animated emoji in any chat. The company has also improved its reporting system, where users can add a comment informing the company of the problem they have. Also, the possibility of import chat from WhatsApp presented by Telegram last month has improved even more. In addition, Telegram groups approaching the limit of 200.000 members can now be converted to Broadcast Groups with unlimited members.

Source of information: news18.com

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