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Google is funding two developers to focus on Linux security

Linux is more secure than most operating systems, but that does not mean that security can be taken for granted. So Google and the Linux Foundation fund two leading Linux kernel developers to focus on security.

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Linux security issues, when carefully considered, usually turn out to be errors caused by incompetent system management. But Linux cannot be based on the laurels of the past alone. There are real Linux security concerns that need to be addressed treated. So Google and the Linux Foundation are coming up with a new plan to fund two full-time Linux security maintainers, Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor.

The exclusive focus of Silva and Chancellor will be to maintain and improve the security of the kernel and related initiatives For the safeguarding of Linux security.

As the Linux Foundation's Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) and the Harvard Laboratory for Innovation Science (LISH) found in open source affiliate research, security often is neglected in open source software development.

The fact that Google is funding two full-time Linux security maintainers highlights the importance of security in the ongoing sustainability of software open source. "At Google, security is always on our minds and we understand the crucial role it plays in sustainability of open source softwareSaid Dan Lorenc, Google software engineer. "We are honored to support them tries both Gustavo Silva and Nathan Chancellor, as they work to enhance the security of the Linux kernel. ”

Chancellor's work will focus on finding and fixing any bugs that identified with Clang / LLVM compilers. Gustavo Silva's full-time job is currently dedicated to eliminating several buffer overflows. Silva also works for error correction before reaching the main line, developing precautionarily defense mechanisms interrupting whole classes of vulnerabilities. Prior to that, Silva led the effort to eliminate tacit changes to the Linux kernel.

Source of information: zdnet.com


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