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How to program text messages on Android device?

The text messages are usually used for direct communication between users. But what if someone might want to send a message at a later time and is afraid of forgetting it? If you have one Android device, you can schedule them messages text, to be sent at a specific time and day.

How to program text messages on Android device?

The application Google Messages is one of the best applications messaging for Android smartphones. At the end of 2020, acquired the ability to schedule messages. Many users considered this to be a useful feature.

To be able to use this feature, you need to download the Messages app from Play Store and yes set it as the default SMS application. When you open it for the first time, you will see a "Set Default SMS App" button.

In the next screen or pop-up window, select “Messages”(From the options that will appear) and press“Set as Default" (Bottom Right).

All previous talks will now appear in Messages.

Select a conversation to schedule a message.

Then write the message you want to plan and press and hold the send icon.

It will show you a window with programming options. The time zone appears at the top. You can select one of the suggested hours or click on “Pick date and time”To enter a specific date and time.

Android text messages
How to program text messages on Android device?

In this case, you will be asked to select a date from the calendar and a time. Press “nextWhen you're done.

The date and time you selected will be displayed once more. Press “Storage”To confirm your choices.

Above your message, you will see the scheduled time and day. Tap the send icon to schedule it message.

You can press the clock icon (in front of the message) to change the text of the message or the scheduled time, to send it or delete it completely.

How to program text messages on Android device?

With this method, you can be sure that you will not forget to send wishes or other important things messages to your friends.

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