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Honda wants to put a drone in the tail of an electric motorcycle

Well, this is definitely one of the weirdest news out there lately: Honda wants to put a mini drone in the tail of an electric motorcycle.

Why do such a thing? This is not exactly clear. While Honda does not give enough information about the "why", at least it explains how exactly this can be done.

Honda drone

Based on the diagrams and patent description revealed by Cycle World, the small drone is a quadcopter and is mounted in a box on the motorcycle's tail.

The box in the queue will obviously be closed. When the driver wants to use the drone, the queue will open and the drone will come out.

The drone will obviously be able to navigate and return to the motorcycle on its own, allowing the rider to focus exclusively in the operation of his motorcycle. In any case, we imagine that it will be quite difficult to operate both the motorcycle and the drone at the same time. Fortunately, Honda drone technology, which has probably not yet been developed, will solve the handling problem.

But let's go to one of his initial questions, why do you need a motorcycle with its own drone? Honda's description includes some of these reasons.

Honda initially claims the drone could be used for transportation alternative batteries for the electric motorcycle. Of course we do not know if this is possible, considering that the batteries will be heavy enough to dynamic of the motorcycle.

On the other hand, Honda also proposes a somewhat more realistic case of using the drone, traffic detection. This probably makes sense, as it will help drivers find out if it is in front of them movement so they will change course.

The last use case for the drone is as a possible increased cooling system for the motorcycle. The drone could use its rotors to suck in hot air from the engine and battery.

It seems that Honda has secured the patent for future use as the technology will have to be greatly improved in order for its design to be realized.

Source of information: electrek.co

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