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YouTube: How to use hashtags to search for videos

There are many different ways to find something on YouTube. You can search for titles, restrict them per channel, or even filter things by video duration and date. But did you know that you can search YouTube videos with a hashtag?


Hashtags are less visible on YouTube than on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Videos that include hashtags are displayed above the video title. These hashtags are visible on the YouTube website and mobile applications.

There are several different ways you can find videos with hashtags. The most common method is simply selecting a hashtag from a video set watch. Just press or do click in the hashtag above him title.

You will be taken to a special landing page for this hashtag. On the page you will see how many videos the hashtag contains and how many channels use it.


It is also possible to simply insert the hashtag into the YouTube search box. This is not the best method because you will receive hashtag-related results, not just videos that use the hashtag.


If you want to be really specific, you can add the URL www.youtube.com/hashtag/ with any hashtag you want to see. This only works if you are viewing YouTube in a web browser and not in the mobile app Android, iPhone ή iPad.

This will take you directly to the hashtag landing page.


Hashtag landing pages are not sorted in chronological order. YouTube automatically displays the "best" videos at the top.

This is the process. Hashtags are not the best way to find videos on YouTube, but they are there if you want to use them.

Source of information: howtogeek.com


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YouTube: How to use hashtags to search for videos

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