HomesecurityShare-ents: How dangerous it is to post photos of children

Share-ents: How dangerous it is to post photos of children

As the security expert stated, Ritesh Kotak, parents usually post about 1.500 photos of their children on social media before turning five. Something that could have terrible consequences for their future.


The expert from Canada told 680 CJOB that with technology to evolve so fast, behind every photo in screen, there are metadata that include a digital signature, revealing much more information than we believe.

«Can you imagine all this data treasure out there for a child, for a person who can not consent, who has no say in the matter? », Said Kotak.

«The photos could reveal her location, they could reveal what kind of camera was used and they could also reveal the date and time this photo was taken - not when it was posted, but when it was taken.»

«When someone receives this kind of data and starts collecting it, he starts getting a lot of information about that person - where he lives, works, goes to school, etc.»


Kotak said a collection of these data could lead to problems such as identity theft in the future and face recognition technology could potentially jeopardize the ability your child to get a job or go to school when he / she is older.

«The use of face recognition technology in society can really be a huge obstacle in the future for a child if he wants to get into a certain type of employment or there is something related to his identity", he said.

Kotak said one tip to avoid problems is to avoid posting photos of children public or carefully select people who can see them. Avoiding using a photo of your children as a profile or cover image can also help keep those photos safe.

«If so, there are ways to minimize the risk, but I would recommend not doing so at all.»


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