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How to use Apple Maps in a browser on Windows or Android?

The application Apple Maps is available (officially) at Appliances of Apple, like the iPhone and Mac. But thanks to DuckDuckGo, You can browse Apple Maps from any browser platform, including Windows and Android.

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How to use Apple Maps in browser, Windows or Android?

DuckDuckGo uses Apple Maps

In 2018, Apple announced the MapKit JS, an API that allows developers applications to integrate Apple Maps into sites. The DuckDuckGo search engine took this framework and used it to build its own mapping tool.

How to use Apple Maps in browser, Windows or Android?

To obtain access in this, you have only to do a simple search for a site in DuckDuckGo and click the Maps filter at the top of the page (as with other search engines). You can also search by the site name and the word map (next to the site name).

That way, you can get route directions and choose between walking or driving directions. You can also see local businesses, but for this to work, you need to report the exact one location using the map pin icon in the upper right corner of the map.

The DuckDuckGo mapping solution based on Apple Maps, but does not offer exactly the same capabilities as the application on a compatible device. There are no Apple-centric features, such as storing favorite locations in iCloud account or synchronize instructions on a mobile device.

Although there is the possibility for toggle between normal map view and satellite imagery, its impressive XNUMXD photogrammetry Apple Maps is not available.

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How to use Apple Maps in browser, Windows or Android?

Why the DuckDuckGo search engine chose Apple Maps

In the past, DuckDuckGo used a combination of OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps and HERE Maps, but had no mapping solution of its own. The search engine gives emphasis on user privacy, so the use of a service like Google Maps, which collects data about them users, was not the right choice.

Non-collection of data was what set Apple Maps apart and allowed DuckDuckGo to announce it cooperation in early 2019. Η searching machine assured its users that:

"Our strict privacy policy for non-collection or sharing of personal information is extended by this integration. We do not ship information such as IP addresses at Apple or other third parties".

The search engine also stressed that location information is deleted immediately after use.

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