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Home security Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was attacked by ransomware

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was attacked by ransomware

UL LLC, known as Underwriters Laboratories, suffered a ransomware attack in which its servers were encrypted and forced to shut down its systems until it recovered.

UL is the largest and oldest security certification company in the United States, with 14.000 employees and offices in more than 40 countries.

If you have ever looked at the back of an electrical appliance, laptop, TV remote control, light bulb or even an Apple USB charger, the UL logo printed on the device is instantly recognizable.

When companies launch new products, they usually submit them to Underwriters Laboratories for testing and certification according to nationally recognized standards. security and sustainability. Based on the tests that took place and Results The product will receive various UL certifications.

In addition to product safety certifications, Underwriters Laboratories also develops the very popular 3DMark, PCMark and VRMark PC utilities.

UL was hit by ransomware last weekend

BleepingComputer has learned that UL received a ransomware attack last weekend in which devices were encrypted in their data center.

To prevent its further spread attack, the company shut down its systems, with some employees unable to do their jobs.

UL told employees not to contact the threatening agents or to visit websites που are related with ransomware.

According to a source who knows more about the attack, UL decided not to pay the ransom and restores its data from the backups.

As it took time to reset the devices, the attack led the client portal myUL to stay offline during recovery.

It is not known which ransomware function carried out the attack and whether they stole it encrypted files.

As most business-targeted ransomware companies steal unencrypted files for use in a double blackmail strategy, the ransomware gang probably stole data during the duration of attack.

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Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was attacked by ransomware

UL LLC, known as Underwriters Laboratories, suffered a ransomware attack in which its servers were encrypted and forced to close ...

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