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Microsoft Outlook for Windows: You can send emails from aliases

Microsoft adds support for sending emails via alias email addresses (also known as aliases or proxy addresses) from the Outlook email client for Windows.

"Send email from a proxy email address or an alias account, not from your primary email address," says Microsoft.

"The alias email address will be maintained in FROM and REPLY TO for recipients."


Select an email alias from a drop-down menu

Once the feature is released, users will be able to send messages through Outlook for Windows using any alias previously configured other than the primary SMTP address.

Additional support for "email sender aliases" will help those who need to send emails using multiple brands domain names or on behalf of a specific group ή part of a company.

Having the option to choose any alias available for account will also remove the hassle of setting up and using Outlook or your shared mailboxes creation additional POP or IMAP accounts.

In short, after the release of this new feature, Outlook for Windows will provide users with ability to select the sender or FROM address via a drop-down list in the context of writing an email.

Microsoft plans to make this new feature available worldwide in standard multi-tenant environments by the end of next month.

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