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Home security Clubhouse: Conversations breached - Privacy concerns

Clubhouse: Conversations breached - Privacy concerns

About a week after its announcement invitation-only chatroom application Clubhouse on taking action security to protect them data of users, One hacker proves that it can disrupt audio conversations.


According to a Clubhouse spokesman, one unknown user was able to transmit Clubhouse audio feeds from "multiple rooms" to his own site. Η company states that this user "Has been permanently banned" and that they have new measures are taken to prevent something similar from happening againHowever, researchers say the platform may not be able to deliver on that promise.

In accordance with Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), all iOS app users should keep that in mind their conversations have been recorded. "The Clubhouse cannot make promises about confidentiality for conversations taking place anywhere in the worldSaid Alex Stamos, director of SIO and former head of security at Facebook Inc.

Stamos and his team confirmed that Many of the Clubhouse back-end operations are handled by a startup called Agora Inc. and is based in Shanghai. While the Clubhouse is responsible for the user experience, with the addition of new friends, finding rooms etc, the platform is based on the Chinese company Agora for data traffic processing and audio production.

According to Stamos, the Clubhouse's dependence on Agora raises privacy concerns, especially for them Chinese citizens And them dissidents, as their conversations are most likely monitored by the state.

Agora said it was unable to comment on the protocols security or Clubhouse privacy and insisted that “does not store or share personal informationFor any of them customers nor for the Clubhouse. "We are committed to making our products as safe as possible"The company said.


Over the weekend, security researchers noticed that audio chats and metadata were sent from the Clubhouse app to another site. "A user has found a way to remotely share their login information with the rest of the world" said Robert Potter, CEO of Internet 2.0 based in Canberra Australia. "The real problem was that people thought these conversations were private".

The hacker behind this incident created his own system around the JavaScript toolkit used to create it. application Clubhouse and managed to break the platform.

ClubHouse developers did not explain the measures they took to prevent a similar infringement.

One week ago, SIO published a report stating that it noticed metadata from Clubhouse chatroom “to be transmitted to servers that we believe are hosted in China".

Source: Bloomberg


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Clubhouse: Conversations breached - Privacy concerns

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