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How to add special effects to Instagram messages

Did you know that you can make instant Instagram messages more impressive? Like any other Instagram feature, you can add special effects to your messages before sending them to your friends. See how you can get it access and apply these effects.


First, to access these effects, you must first enable integration with Facebook Messenger. Except add a range of new messaging options, this also allows you to send messages to your friends in Facebook directly from Instagram.

Open the Instagram app on the device Android or iPhone and then visit the instant messaging list by clicking the Messenger icon in the upper right corner of the home screen.

Select the conversation in which you want to try it Mission message with special effects.

Enter your message in the text box at the bottom. When you start typing, the camera shortcut on the left will be replaced by a magnifying glass icon. Press this button as soon as you have written your full message.

At the top of the following slide-up menu, you will see your Instagram message appear with four different special effects.


All of these filters are interactive. So, for example, if the recipient clicks on a text message sent with the special heart theme, it will fill the pile with virtual hearts screen of.

Similarly, the choice showing a gift hides your message and only when the recipient touches it will it open and reveal what you have sent. The confetti filter will do phone of the recipient to vibrate as soon as he touches it.

With Facebook's multi-platform updates, you can do a lot more to customize your Instagram messaging experience. You can send missing messages using the corresponding one mode, choose which emoji appear in the Rapid Reaction pop-up window and turn yourself into a sticker Selfie.


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