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Twitter: Voice messages are coming! How do we send them?

The Twitter will support soon voice messages both in iOS as in Android application. This means that you will be able to send voice messages to your contacts. This feature is quite similar to the voice tweets that company released a few months ago.

The characteristic has already been released in India. Η company posted one short video to signal the circulation of voice messages in the country.

See below how you can send voice messages in the Twitter app by going to Twitter DM and by following the steps below:

  • Open Twitter DM by tapping the "Folder" icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap a contact or start a new conversation.
  • In the conversation, you will see a "voice icon".
  • Press and hold to record the audio message and hold it until the recording is completed.
  • Release the button to stop recording and send the voice Twitter DM.
Twitter voice messages

Twitter voice messages can have duration up to 140 seconds. In the iOS version you will be able to send the message to other contacts by holding down the "voice icon" and dragging it up. In general, voice messages on Twitter will work similarly to voice messages in other applications, such as WhatsApp and Instagram.

Currently users in India have the opportunity to use the new feature. The company releases the feature in stages and will be available on both Android as well as in iOS Appliances. Soon, all users will be able to use voice messaging, provided they have inform the application.

In June 2020, Twitter announced voice tweets, where the user could make a tweet by recording it rather than typing it. Voice DM is an extension of this feature and will allow you to effectively send voice tweets directly to your contacts.

Source: Fossbytes


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