HomesecurityWhat are the 6 most known attacks on gaming companies?

What are the 6 most known attacks on gaming companies?

A few days ago, the gaming company Big Huge Games informed the players that he was the victim of an attack, which affected data of company. The investigation is ongoing. At present, they do not exist data to prove that players' personal and banking information has been violated.

gaming attacks

The Big Huge Games security team has alerted authorities and is working to determine the extent of the attack.

Cyber ​​attacks are now a daily occurrence. During the lockdown, they increased even more as more and more people use it Internet both for work and for fun. The pandemic significantly increased the number of users gaming platforms and companies, since video games could relax and entertain them during this difficult time. Cybercriminals, of course, took advantage of this increase.

Analysis of Kaspersky showed that last April there was a 54% increase in the daily efforts of gamers to redirect to malicious sites and attacks related to gaming issues. Gamers can be fooled into seeing supposedly free versions of popular games, etc. But if they click on the links, they can install on Appliances their malicious programs, such as ransomware, miners and more.

Let's see some of the most popular gaming attacks Companies, that have taken place in recent years:


The Japanese video game company Capcom accepted one attack ransomware in November 2020. Behind the attack, the gang is said to be hiding Ragnar Locker.

Rumor has it that hackers asked the company for $ 11.000.000 in cryptocurrency, in order to provide a decryption tool but also not to expose corporate data they stole.

The ransom note, which leaked, specifically stated: “If no agreement is reached, then all your data will be published and / or sold by auction to third parties“. Ransomware gangs, of course, can never prove that they are actually deleting or selling the stolen files of ransom victims. In this case, the fraudsters did not even say they would not keep them archives, if they receive the money.

The gaming company had said at the time that sales reports, human resources information, financial information and more had been exposed, and had published a list of potentially breached customer and partner data.

gaming attacks


In June 2020, the Nintendo has announced that 300.000 accounts had been breached. In April, the company reported 160.000 accounts being breached after using Nintendo Network Ids users, but in June it said the actual number of breached accounts was almost double. Hackers were able to use them users' money to buy virtual currency for Fortnite, while he was also able to δουν data, such as: date of birth, place of residence and email address. They also had access to other payment services connected to the Nintendo system. Nintendo Customers Asked to Check Their Purchase History for Unauthorized Transactions and Reset Passwords access. They were also asked to apply two-factor authentication.

gaming attacks

Riot games

In mid-September 2012, the Riot Games, creator of League of Legends, took legal action against some players, who hit the company with denial of service attacks. League of Legends players have had problems with these attacks, such as delays and disconnections. "We have taken steps to locate these intruders and permanently remove them from our service. In addition, we take legal action and cooperate with the competent authorities. When someone deliberately destroys the experience of other players, we take it very seriously", Said the gaming company.


In July 2013, the Ubisoft informed the holders U-Play accounts, that one of the company's sites had been breached. The hackers have been able to access some of Ubisoft online systems. The company asked them users to change passwords on U-Play accounts immediately.

According to the gaming company, usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords were leaked, but no credit card details were affected.

In November of 2020, Ubisoft said he was investigating allegations that his gang Egregor ransomware posted a 558 GB file with source code and other data of Watch Dogs: Legion.

The Egregor team claims to have acquired the source code of Watch Dogs after breaching Ubisoft's internal servers. If this is the case then maybe the hackers had asked for money from the gaming company but did not get it.

gaming attacks

Activision Blizzard

In 2020, her Call of Duty Activision Blizzard was hit by a DDoS attack. The servers stopped working and the game displayed an alert saying: “We are currently experiencing an attack DDoS, which can lead to high latency and disconnection for some players. We are working to alleviate this issue“. It was later revealed that Overwatch and World of Warcraft players also received the same notification. The issue was subsequently identified on Blizzard's, which dealt with the DDoS attack, with the aforementioned games being affected.

CD Project Red

A few days ago, her network was breached CD Project Red resulting in data being stolen. The attackers threatened to publish the source code of the video game. CD Projekt Red said it had already begun recovering its data from backups, while stressing that it was not going to no retreat or negotiation.

A few days later, news broke that hackers had sold his source code Cyberpunk 2077 on the dark web.

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