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Top positions Software Engineering and coding skills for 2021

Due to COVID-19, recruitment efforts and employment opportunities fell sharply last year. However, the technology industry has proven to be more resilient than expected. According to Hired.com, a company that helps companies around the world hire employees, the software engineering sector has seen steady overall employment growth.

Hired reports: "In December 2020, the unemployment rate for the technology sector was only 3% compared to 6,7% for the overall economy USA, with jobs in technology sector to increase by about 391.000 positions in the same month ".

Today, technology is the central driving force for change in businesses. Therefore, the demand for talent continues to exceed the supply. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1,2 million.

Software Engineering

Top jobs in Software Engineering for 2021

Here are the top Software Engineering positions for 2021 offered by technology companies around the world:

1. Backend Developer: Development of server-side applications and integration of work done by Frontend developers

2. Full Stack Developer: Design and creation of scalable software. Writing clean, functional code for the front and back end. Test and correct errors or other coding issues.

3. Frontend Developer: UI structure and design in websites and applications

4. Data Engineer: Finding and analyzing trends in datasets and developing algorithms to help raw data be more useful to the business

5. Mobile Developer: Creation, testing and development of applications for mobile devices

6. Machine Learning Engineer: Development of automated AI software for automating forecasting models and solving data set problems

7. Search Engineer: Development, maintenance, testing and search engine optimization for a company platform

8. Security Engineer: Prevent and mitigate security breaches that may occur in computer systems the company's

9. NLP Engineer: Development of Natural Language Processing applications that can be processed and analyzed natural language data

10. Computer Vision Engineer: Automation of various functions that the human visual system can do

11. Game Developer: Development of games for various platforms

12. Embedded Engineering: Design and development embedded software and code writing for microcontrollers and microprocessors

13. AR / VR Engineer: Design, analysis, debugging and development of AR and VR prototypes

14. Blockchain Developer: Securing digital transactions by creating systems for recording and storage blockchain data in a way that prevents changes or violations

15. Engineering Manager: Project design and coordination, supervision of junior engineers in architecture and engineering companies

Top coding skills for 2021

For the past two years, Google Go has been the most sought after coding language in Hired. Thus, candidates with knowledge of the Go programming language received an average of 9,2 interview requests.

Redux.js also saw the largest demand overall in 2021, recording 2,9 times more interview requests than the market average.

Top Coding Languages ​​for 2021 by Hired.com

Here are the most popular programming languages ​​(ranked from most to least favorite):

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Java
  4. Go
  5. Ruby
  6. Ladder
  7. Objective-C
  8. PHP
  9. HTML
  10. Swift
  11. C++
  12. C
  13. C#
  14. R
  15. Kotlin
  16. Typescript

As you can see, Python, Java and JavaScript are the three most popular coding languages ​​requested. This can be largely attributed to useful and well-preserved libraries and their packages and available resources for learning and development.

R, Kotlin and Typescript ranked as the least popular languages ​​for software engineers.

Source of information: fossbytes.com

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