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WhatsApp: Proceeds to privacy despite reactions

Such as said η WhatsApp on Thursday, intends to proceed normally with its controversial update privacy policy its, however, will allow users to read it at their own pace, while also displaying an update that will provide additional information.


In January, h platform exchange owned by Facebook, informed its users that it is preparing a new privacy policy, according to which it will be able to share data users with Facebook and other group companies.

This announcement naturally caused a worldwide outcry with thousands of users leaving the platform and choosing competing applications such as Telegram and Signal including asking WhatsApp to delay the launch of the new policy until May and to clarify that the update focuses on allowing users to send messages to businesses and that their personal conversations are not affected.

At India, which hosts the largest user base of the messaging app, Facebook executives were questioned by a parliamentary committee about the need for change, just days after the country's technology ministry asked the messaging platform to withdraw them.


In its latest blog post, WhatsApp said it will start reminding users to check and receive updates to continue using the messaging platform.

"We have also included more information to control and address the concerns we hear", He added.

The announcement of WhatsApp comes after the parent company Facebook, made some moves to block all news content in Australia on Thursday, facing reactions from publishers and politicians, prompting a senior British lawmaker to characterize the company's move as an attempt to intimidate democracy.

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