HomesecurityFBI: Telephone Denial Attacks (TDoS) Can Cost Lives

FBI: Telephone Denial Attacks (TDoS) Can Cost Lives

The FBI released it on February 17 warning on the harsh consequences of telephony denial (TDoS) attacks, and has also provided the necessary measures to mitigate the impact. Specifically, the police service noted that the attacks on services emergency can cost lives.

TDoS attacks are manual or automated malicious attempts hackers to make by phone systems unavailable, blocking incoming and outgoing calls. This could be fatal when it comes to services like 911 or other similar emergency call centers.

FBI: Telephone Denial Attacks (TDoS) Can Cost Lives

Hackers carry out these kinds of attacks for a variety of reasons, such as hacking, financial gain or harassment. While hackers may abuse important services to promote their social or political beliefs, they have carried out telephone denial (TDoS) attacks and aimed at blackmailing government and private individuals. organizations.

According to the FBI, there has been a significant increase in TDoS attacks on emergency services. In TDoS attacks, hackers block emergency service telephone lines from receiving calls from people who need help and therefore cannot respond.

FBI: Telephone Denial Attacks (TDoS) Can Cost Lives

According to BleepingComputer, a separate notice sent to Public Safety Response Points (PSAPs) to emergency communications centers and personnel in March 2013, noted that "government services / emergency services are supposed to be targeted due to the need for operational telephone lines".

However, in its current warning, the FBI added that malicious agents provide services and tools TDoS to attackers with different levels of experience, which significantly reduces the level of skills required to launch such attacks.

Especially important is the fact that TDoS attacks are difficult to detect, as attackers falsify the caller ID on each call. In some cases, they even choose to falsify police telephone numbers. This makes it almost impossible to distinguish between legal and malicious calls.

FBI: Telephone Denial Attacks (TDoS) Can Cost Lives

As mentioned earlier, the warning issued by the FBI also includes a list of measures to be taken before and during TDoS attacks, as well as information on how to report the attacks to the authorities. The FBI also released information on how to prepare for any disruptions and breaks in its line 911, so that such a thing does not cost human lives. Particularly, the FBI recommends the following:

  • Before there is an emergency, contact your local emergency services for information on how to request service in the event of a 911 outage. Find out if text-to-911 is available in your area.
  • Provide emergency contact numbers for fire, rescue and law enforcement in the event of a 911 outage.
  • Sign up for automatic alerts in your area to be notified of emergencies in your area by text, phone or e-mail.
  • Identify sites and follow them SOCIAL MEDIA for emergency responders in your area, for emergency awareness.

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