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Facebook will unravel the myths about climate change

Facebook announced on Thursday that it will unravel all the myths related to climate change.

The giant company said it was adding a section to its climate change information hub that would include facts and accurate information about various misunderstandings and lies. This will include the fact that polar bear populations are declining due to global warming, as well as the fact that excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere harms plant life.

Facebook climate change

The company said it intends to rely on experts from George Mason University, the Yale program for climate change and its university Cambridge to identify and debunk the myths about climate change.

Facebook has introduced these information nodes and relied on them as a key part of it tactics of for fighting of its widespread problem misinformation in its services. This is a major reversal of the CEO's statement Mark Zuckerberg last May he said he did not believe Facebook or online platforms they should generally clarify the truth on many issues.

Previous examples include an information center on Covid-19 launched in March and an information center on the August election.

In a statement Thursday, Facebook said it would start adding information tags to posts about climate change direct people at the Climate Change Information Center.

In addition, the company stated that it would extend this information node to users at Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, the Spain, South Africa and Taiwan. The feature so far is available at USAThe United Kingdom, France and Germany.

Users in other countries will be directed by Facebook to its Environment Program United Kingdom when looking for climate terms, the company said.

Source of information: cnbc.com


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