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Epic Games: Continues allegations against Apple in the EU

Η epic Games submitted another complaint against Apple, this time in the European Union. THE company video games blamed the well-known technology company to impose a series of carefully designed anti-competitive restrictions in terms of application distribution and payment procedures.

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"Apple uses its control over the ecosystem iOS to benefit while blocking competitors. Her behavior is an abuse of the dominant position she holds and violates EU competition law" reported Epic Games.

Epic Games has stressed that Apple's decision to block its popular game, Fortnite, from the iOS platform, hurt her company. He also said that Apple created its own service game distribution, the Apple Arcade, but forbids Epic Games to do the same.

"Consumers have the right to install applications from sources of their choice and developers have the right to compete in a fair market. We will not remain inactive and will not allow Apple to use the dominance of the platform", Said the founder and CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney.

Tim Sweeney stressed that she the situation is bad for both developers and consumers. Consumers are forced to pay dearly for games and applications due to the complete lack of competition between stores. As for developers, their work depends on Apple's discretion as to who is allowed to iOS platform and in what terms.

Prior to this latest complaint to the European Union, Epic Games had already started legal proceedings against Apple in Australia on USA and the United Kingdom.

Epic Games stated that does not claim compensation from Apple. Instead, Calls on the European Commission to "tackle Apple's anti-competitive behavior by imposing timely and effective remedies".

The controversy between Epic Games and Apple began six months ago, when Apple and Google blocked Fortnite from their app stores. The Companies made that decision when Epic Games implemented it a payment system within the game application, to bypass the payment of the commission in the stores.

Epic Games then launched lawsuits against Apple and its affiliates Google accusing them of practices that harm competition.

According to a statement at the time, the gaming company had said that Apple has become what it once accused: "The big one that seeks market control, exclusion of competition and suppression of innovation".

In the months that followed, Epic Games practiced lawsuits in Australia and the United Kingdom v. Apple. In both cases, Epic stated that expands the battle to make them digital platforms fairer for consumers and developers.

Source: ZDNet

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