HomesecurityDutch police post warnings on hacking forums

Dutch police post warnings on hacking forums

Dutch police have posted "friendly" messages on two of the largest hacking forums warning cybercriminals that "hosting criminal infrastructure in the Netherlands is a lost cause".

hacking forums

The messages came after Operation Ladybird, during which law enforcement agencies in different countries intervened to "throw" Emotet, one of the most dangerous botnets in the world.

The Dutch police played a key role in the abolition of Emotet after its officers "threw" two of the three main Emotet command and control servers hosted in the Netherlands.

hacking forums

But today, Dutch police revealed that after the removal of Emotet, its officers also went to Raid and XSS, two publicly accessible and very popular hacking forums and posted messages to prevent others threatening actors from the abuse of Dutch hosting providers to host botnets or other forms of cybercrime.

A message in English was posted on Raid, one forum popular with data thieves and a second message, in Russian, was posted on XSS (formerly known as DamageLab), a Russian-language forum where hackers rent access to malware-as-a-service - this forum is often attended by today's top ransomware gangs.

Message posted on the Raid Forum by Dutch police
Message posted on the XSS Forum by the Dutch police

The messages, as seen above, warn hackers that "hosting criminal infrastructure in the Netherlands is a lost cause" and that Dutch police intend to continue to "throw" them infrastructure their.

A link for one was also included YouTube video, a video that ends with a message from the Dutch police that says: “Everyone makes mistakes. We are waiting for yours. ”

Aggressive messages are not surprising, at least for security experts cyberspace, most of whom are well acquainted with aggressive attitude of the Dutch police.

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