HomesecurityAndroid application with 1 billion downloads has serious vulnerabilities

Android application with 1 billion downloads has serious vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals can be exploited vulnerabilities in the Android application SHAREit to execute malicious code on Appliances. The vulnerabilities had been reported to the developer for three months, but have not been corrected.

Android app

The Android app SHAREit, installed in more than 1 billion devices, is full of vulnerabilities that can allow potential attackers to execute malicious code or carry out man-in-the-disk (MiTD) attacks.

SHAREit is one application allowing users to share archives. The vulnerabilities were discovered and reported to the developer of the application three months ago by its researchers Trend Micro. However, according to a report released Monday, the vulnerabilities persist and have not been fixed. The company behind the Android app is Softonic.

"We decided to disclose our research three months after the vulnerabilities were reported, as many users may be affected by attacks, since an attacker can steal sensitive data and do anything by exploiting the permissions of the applicationSaid Echo Duan, Trend Micro mobile threat analyst. "Also, the attack it is not easily detectable".

Trend Micro also informed Google for application issues related to errors in its code.

The main problem is the lack of appropriate restrictions on who can use the application code.

Duan said possible malicious applications installed on a user's device or attackers carrying out a person-in-the-middle network attack, Can send malicious commands to the SHAREit application and intrude on its legitimate functions to execute malicious code, replace the application's local files, or install applications third parties without the user knowing.

Man-in-the-Disk attack

In addition, the Android application is vulnerable to so-called attacks Man-in-the-Disk, a type of attack first explained by Check Point in 2018. This attack is related to the unsafe storage of sensitive application resources, in a storage location that is common to all applications. If attackers gain access to this site, they can delete, modify, or replace this data.

Android app

This is not the first time that serious vulnerabilities have been identified in SHAREit. Two years ago, investigators discovered two serious errors that allowed an attacker bypass the application authentication mechanism and download content and files from the victim's device.

Duan advises them users regularly update their operating systems and applications and read reviews and articles about the apps they install on their devices.

Source: Threatpost


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