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Apple: Plans to fold 7-inch iPhone by 2023

A foldable iPhone with a screen OLED 7 inch and Apple Pencil support capability Apple is preparing to release in 2023.


According to an analysis released by the investment company EqualOcean, Omdia predicts that Apple will launch its foldable iPhone in 2023. The device It is said to have a size of 7,3 to 7,6 inches with screen OLED.

Omdia, a global communications and digital media research organization, predicts that Apple may release a folding smartphone with 7,3-7,6 inch OLED screen in 2023 and add the possibility of an activity pen to the folding phone her.

While the original report provides support for an "activity pen", it seems likely that it actually refers to the "Apple Pencil" or at least a variation of the existing accessory for iPad with the same name.

Support for the Apple Pencil has been rumored for the iPhone for several years, but the mode it was never implemented. Nevertheless, there is a clearer incentive behind developing support for the Apple Pencil on a larger collapsible iPhone‌. With a 7,6-inch screen, the foldable iPhone will be almost as big as one iPad mini, which has a 7,9 inch screen. The PiPad mini‌ has been supporting the Apple Pencil‌ since 2019, so it would make sense for a foldable iPhone with almost the same screen size to support it as well.


The leApple Pencil‌ is particularly useful in illustration, handwriting and productivity tasks that require good control, so Apple may have decided that its main utilities could not be used significantly on smaller iPhones in recent years.

The report reflects previous speculation regarding the OLED display. The rumored folding "iPhone" of Apple is said to have an OLED screen, specifically from Samsung, according to reports of internal strength tests and order samples.

In January, the Mark Gurman of Bloomberg said that Apple is testing foldable iPhones with a range of screen sizes. A recent report from the Taiwan website, Economic Daily News, claimed that two original foldable iPhones had passed internal tests and reported that the device could start in late 2022 or 2023.

Rumors that Apple is working on a folding mobile have been around since 2016 and the company has filed a significant number of patents related to a foldable mobile. Many rumors about the features that the new foldable mobile phone will have have been released from time to time and we can only wait for how many of them will be true.


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