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COVID-19: In a short time you will do a rapid test via your smartphone

Accurate and rapid tests for COVID-19 have become very useful in the fight against pandemics. Unfortunately, taking the test currently requires a visit to a clinic.

However Kroger Health Wanting to make a difference, he announced today that he plans to receive approval from the FDA for the first rapid-test for COVID-19 that will be done via smartphone.

rapid test COVID-19

According to the press release, patients will place a nasal swab on themselves and will complete the rapid antigen test. Patients will then scan the rapid test they just did using it application located on their iPhone and using it AI technology, the application will provide the test results "within seconds".

What the application intends to do is remove any doubt about the actual test results by using AI that will correctly determine the location of the score bar. In the rapid tests of COVID-19, the presence and location of a line in different areas determines if the patient is positive ή negative to the COVID-19 virus. Some patients may misinterpret the lines, leading to a misunderstanding of what their test result really is.

By law, the application will automatically notify the results to appropriate organizations public health and will complies with all HIPAA rules. The hope is this new rapid test will increase the number of people who can take the COVID-19 test by having higher level of accuracy.

The rapid test that will be done through the smartphone has not been approved by the FDA, however, its results clinical trial have been submitted for approval, according to Kroger Health.

Source of information: macrumors.com


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