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Microsoft Teams: Disable if you want to chat in group meetings

Microsoft listened to requests from various meeting organizers - including educators - who wanted a way to prevent interlocutors from talking to each other during meetings.

A Microsoft engineer explained to the Teams user feedback forum that Teams now includes the ability to turn chat on and off during a meeting: the company has also published a support note explaining how meeting organizers can control the chat on duration of meetings.

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Previously, a domain admin would could to create a policy for blocking chat in all video meetings. However, people who started a meeting did not they could to disable her chat.

A teacher required to use Microsoft Teams complained that he could not turn off chat. With so many teachers performing distance learning during pandemic of COVID-19:, this is an understandable request of teachers.

The original request, published in March 2020 at the beginning of the first lockdown, appears to have been submitted by someone who organizes meetings and not by a teacher.

"Allow the meeting organizer to temporarily turn off chat during a meeting. We often see them people so focused on chat that they do not give special attention in the real meeting. We wish we could turn off the chat at the beginning of the meeting and then to it we activate again when we want ", said the request.

However, many of the most recent requests were made by teachers who had difficulty with checkχο of their online courses.

“A teacher should be able to activates or yes disables students' access to chat, "said another anonymous user on January 23.

"The chat during the meeting distracts them students"especially the younger ones," wrote another Teams user.

In the last count in October 2020, Microsoft said it had 115 million daily active users on Teams. The Zoom presents its numbers in a different way, stating in November that it had 300 million participants in daily meetings, but signaling the continuing popularity Its revenue in Q3 2020 increased by 367% from a year ago.

Source of information: zdnet.com

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