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Parler returns to the Internet after a month's absence

The social networking platform Parler announced her return to the Internet on Monday, after an absence of one month. THE platform was shut down because allowed its users to make posts and comments related to attack on Capitol, which took place in early January. Many users were in favor of it attack and incited violence through their posts.


Parler was done the refuge of far-right and extremist groups who had been forced to leave other social networking platforms, such as Twitter, because of their extreme beliefs. However, in January, following the attack on the Capitol, η Amazon Web Services has banned Parler from its services, resulting in being disconnected. However, the platform is back.

Parler said the new site is based on "sustainable, independent technology and not in the so-called "Big Tech" for its activities ”.

The company has been without a CEO for about two weeks, after dismissal of the former CEO John matze. Temporarily headed by Mark Meckler, who is also a member of the "executive committee" that runs the company after Matze's ouster.

According to NPR, Parler is now hosted by SkySilk cloud hosting service.

Parler had been offline since mid-January after Amazon Web Services has discontinued its services, while also Apple and Google stopped providing the application in their app stores. Amazon and other companies said they were forced to take these measures because Parler did nothing to mitigate violent publications.

The tech giants said they feared Parler could be used to promote more violence after the Capitol attack by supporters of the then President Donald Trump. Discussions about guns and violence were widespread among Parler users before the Capitol attack, which was organized to support theories about fraud during the elections.

Source: CNET


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