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Microsoft is testing a hidden configuration screen in Windows Terminal

Microsoft released Windows Terminal Preview v1.5 this week which comes with some useful enhancements, including full support for clickable hyperlinks, command palette enhancements, emoji icon support, and more.

If you are unfamiliar with Windows Terminal, it is an open source application developed by Microsoft that allows you to open multiple console tabs in the same Windows. Each of these console tabs can be for different shells, such as the Windows command line, PowerShell, Linux shells installed on the Windows Subsystem, or custom shells that have installed by the user.

Windows Terminal

In the current version of Windows Terminal 1.5, you must modify a settings.json file with a word processor to change any of the application settings.

Microsoft is starting to test a new GUI in Settings

Starting with Windows Terminal Preview 1.6, released two weeks ago, Microsoft is testing a feature that lets you configure the application settings using a hidden graphical user interface.

To open this hidden GUI "Settings" interface, you need to add a shortcut to the "openSettings" command like the one below. While we chose to use the Ctrl + Shift + S combination, you can use any combination you want.

When done, the keybinding section of settings.json should look like the one below depending on which other keys you have add.

When you save the settings.json file, Windows Terminal Preview will start automatically uses the changes.

You can now press Ctrl + Shift + S to launch a Settings GUI that you allows to configure all general application settings for Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal

You can also add new profiles or configure existing ones, including of appearance and complex settings.

Windows Terminal

In the past, configuring Windows Terminal required a bit of user play to see what was working and hoping that a saved settings.json file would not cause errors.

With the new Settings GUI, it is much easier to configure Windows Terminal and configured profiles your. It also opens the utility to less experienced users who do not necessarily want to "play" with a JSON file.

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