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Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?

Virtual reality (VR) may be known primarily for videogames where it has significantly changed the user experience, however its future is not limited to its field Gaming. Silicon Valley sees the creation of virtual worlds as the ultimate free market solution to a political problem. In a world where wealth inequality, environmental disaster and political instability are on the rise, the vision is to have a device that transports people to a virtual world without pain and suffering.

Billionaires from her industry technology report that some may misunderstand virtual reality and that is exactly why they may criticize it. They also emphasize that VR promises to create the world that everyone wants. It is not possible on Earth to give everyone what they would like. However, virtual reality can help a lot in this.

Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?
Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?

VR is an attractive escape, but it is not the solution to the world's troubles. Real world problems will remain beyond the limits of metaverse created by companies like EpicThe Valve and Facebook. Without decisive and radical action, the planet will continue to be destroyed, the gap between rich and poor will widen and totalitarian political movements will develop. At the same time many will be connected to a virtual world. But the worst thing is that the Interactive world will be owned and controlled by the companies that create it.

Many argue that VR is a very expensive technology. For example, the premiere headset Valve - Valve Index - costs $ 1.000. The cheapest is Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 at $ 299.

Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?
Valve Index

In addition, many report that VR requires more than an incredible amount of money and free space to set up properly and it all does not stop there.

Many people experience nausea and dizziness in virtual reality. Sometimes, they can overcome it by adapting the hardware properly or slowly exposing themselves to technology. Still, technology is incredibly inaccessible to people with different abilities. The industry has taken huge steps to make videogames accessible to a wide range of people in 2020, but virtual reality - with its bulky headphones and weird controls - makes it impossible for some people to use them.

But all these problems can be overcome. As John Carmack said in an interview with Rogan, technology Companies will reduce the cost of headphones. We can therefore have Appliances virtual reality that are cheap enough that most, if not all, people can afford them.

John Carmack

Carmack was clear about the importance of technology companies in promoting virtual reality. "Not everyone can afford it. However, some luxury parts can be simulated, to some extent, with virtual reality. The simulation is not as good as the real thing. If you are rich and have your own mansion or private island, good for you… you probably are not the people who will benefit the most. "Most people in the world live in cramped apartments which is not what they would choose if they had unlimited money.", he said.

This is true. Most people in the world live in narrow areas and will choose not to do so. But Carmack's solution is to create a virtual world where people can escape. It is a promise for the future where living conditions are still limited, but people have accepted their material conditions and been transported to a fantasy world created by technology companies.

Elon Musk

And VR will not stop at screens and speakers. THE Elon Musk works on a brain-machine interface called Neuralink. Similarly, Valve's Gabe Newell is investing heavily in creating the literal matrix. "We are much closer to The Matrix than people realize", Newell told IGN in 2020.

In a TV interview with News 1 New Zealand, Newell was clear about creating a world where brains and computers would be interconnected and computers will be able to make changes in the brain.

For Newell, the goal is to achieve a fantasy world better and more exciting than the real world. "Thus, the visual experience, the visual fidelity that we will be able to create - the real world will cease to be the measurement we apply to the best possible visual fidelity. "The real world will look flat, colorless, blurred compared to the experiences that can be created in the human brain."

Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?
Virtual Reality (VR): Solution to Reality Problems?

For Carmack, virtual reality is a way to make the world a better place. "So the world is improving, creating technologies and distributing them to people, so that they have something better than what they would have if it did not exist.", he said.

The rush to create digital worlds ignores both the harsh realities of the physical and the ways in which we could all handle whether technology companies would control not only the applications we use every day, but also the world we live in.

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