HomesecurityEXMO cryptocurrency exchange: DdoS attacked

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange: DdoS attacked

The British cryptocurrency exchange service EXMO accepted DDoS attack, as a result its servers to be temporarily shut down. The attack took place yesterday.

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange DdoS

In fact, the company published a announcement in which he said: “We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack on platform our".

However, the service made another announcement on its official account at Twitter and informed her clients that she was working to rectify the issue.

EXMO did not make any other statement to give new ones information for the development of the situation, but apparently managed to fix the issue, since its servers and website are now connected to Internet.

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange DdoS

This is not the first time EXMO has encountered such problems.

The British exchange service, which refers to itself as "one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange services in Europe", Had revealed in December 2020 that some attackers were able to steal about 5% of the total assets, after violating EXMO hot wallets.

Unlike cold wallets (also known as offline or hardware wallets) that do not connect to Internet, hot wallets are connected to the Internet and are used by exchange services to temporarily store assets for current transfers and transactions.

EXMO had then suspended all withdrawals and had said that all customer losses would be fully covered by the exchange service.

"Our team is currently developing a new infrastructure for hot wallets. Since each blockchain needs a separate server, the process will take some time", EXMO added in a further update.

"Once deposits and withdrawals are available, you will need to create a new wallet address in the Wallet section of your account ”.

EXMO had said at the time that it would take all necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. Yesterday's DdoS attack had nothing to do with attack of December, but caused temporary problems, as the servers were down for a short time.

Source: Bleeping Computer

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