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Bill Gates: his daughter's vaccine conspiracy joke

Bill Gates's daughter Jennifer, who is studying medicine, received the first dose of the vaccine for COVID-19 at the end of last week. And like many others who did the vaccine, a photo was shared at SOCIAL MEDIA.

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However as it appeared from suspension Jennifer Gates is well aware of the false conspiracy theories circulating about her dad and vaccine. After expressing her gratitude for her vaccination, she jokingly said that "Unfortunately, the vaccine did NOT implant my father's genius in my brain - I wish the mRNA had that power."

Jennifer's father, Bill Gates is its co-founder Microsoft products, has worked for years on vaccine research and promotion around the world through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has also been the object of many strange and completely unfounded at times conspiracy theories, including falsely claiming to promote COVID-19 vaccinations, with a view to implanting in humans a microchip who will watch them.

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Jennifer's daughter is now in her sophomore year at Icahn Medical School in New York. As she also noted in her post, "I will continue to wear my mask (or both!) After taking my second dose - I hope that explains a lot. " Dr Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Adviser to the President Joe Biden, recently approved the use of a fabric mask over a surgery mask, which according to the CDC improves the application of the surgical mask and therefore offers better protection against the coronavirus.

Jennifer Gates is the eldest of three children of Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill Gates received the first dose of the vaccine last month as a priority, turning 65 in October. Like his daughter, the father also shared one photo of the happy moment and wrote: "I feel great».


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