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Spotify: Employees will be working from anywhere after the pandemic

Spotify is the latest company technology, which shifted to a flexible working model due to its pandemic Covid-19.


Such as he said on Friday, adapts to a flexible working model, called “Work from Anywhere", Which will allow employees to choose if they want to be in office full time, be at home full time or combine both.

The company will also introduce more flexibility in locations so that employees can choose the country and the city in which they want to work. Spotify will provide workplace subscriptions for employees who choose to work remotely but still want a dedicated workplace.

«As part of the ongoing dynamic work effort, we are reviewing our workplaces around the world for increased sustainability, flexibility and well-being to ensure that all our employees, regardless of their ability or status, can work comfortably and efficiently.Said the company in a post.

«The ultimate goal of the new design approach is to ensure that employees have a place where they can focus, collaborate and create - whether it is an office, a meeting room or a café.. "

The Covid-19 pandemic has led a large number of companies to consider it remote work as a more permanent option due to the pandemic. THE Salesforce announced this week that it would allow its employees to choose whether to return to the office, saying "the working day of 9 to 5 is now over". The Twitter and Square let employees work from home "forever", while the Microsoft products said employees will have more flexibility to work than home.

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