HomesecurityYandex: Employee was selling access to user inboxes

Yandex: Employee was selling access to user inboxes

Email and search engine provider Yandex said today that it found that one of its employees was selling access to users' inboxes for personal gain.

The company, which did not disclose the name of the employee, said the person was "one of three system administrators with the necessary access rights to provide technical support" for the Yandex.Mail service.

The Russian company said it is now in information process of holders of 4.887 mailboxes which had been breached and whose access the employee was selling to third parties.


Yandex officials said they had reinsured them violated accounts and blocked what looked like authorized connection. They also ask the holders of the affected accounts to change them passwords their.

Yandex said it discovered the incident during a "systematic investigation" by internal security team without referring to more details.

The Russian company said it was conducting a "thorough internal investigation" into the incident and planned to do so. changes in the way management staff can have access in data of users.

He also said there was no evidence that users' payment data had been stolen during the recent event.

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