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Starlink satellite internet: SpaceX allows pre-orders!

SpaceX's Starlink takes another small step toward expanding its public beta, allowing new customers to pre-order satellite internet service. Whereas in the past you could only express your interest by simply subscribing to the satellite internet service, now you can pre-order the service for a deposit of $ 99. You will then receive a date - either 2021 or 2022 - on which you are expected to receive your service based on your location, along with the ability to pay by credit card.

The $ 499 surcharge for the Starlink Kit includes a Wi-Fi router and a dish, as well as various other extras. The publication he says that the amounts of pre-orders are returned completely inside someone time, adding that “the deposit is not guarantees that you will receive the service ".

Starlink SpaceX

The public beta of Starlink was launched late last year for people living in USAIn Canada and United Kingdom, with more than 10.000 customers already using the service over three months, according to a SpaceX FCC file. The same document, which seeks him characterization of the company as an eligible telecommunications operator, also revealed that SpaceX has more than 1.000 satellites in orbit. The goal is creation of a network tiny satellites that can transmit broadband internet to inaccessible locations, where decent speed can be difficult due to the lack of ground infrastructure.

Given Musk Tesla's high reputation as a public company, a fluctuating market could give satellite company the ability to better fund them activities of. But first, Starlink must complete the arduous task of assembling its "constellation".

Source of information: engadget.com


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