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Lucid Air: Is it better than Tesla electric cars?

Ο Peter Rawlinson, its managing director Lucid Motors and former Tesla engineer, claimed that the new electric car Lucid Air will revolutionize the electric vehicle market, in the same way that it did Tesla Model S.

Lucid Air

"Nobody believed me with Model S.. . the hostility towards him was shocking. I face the same with Air. Nobody believes itSaid Lucid CEO to Forbes.

The new version of Lucid Air, called "Dream" edition, promises a range of 830 km per charge, faster recharging and can reach about 96,5 km / h in just over two seconds.

The above features are innovative, but Tesla remains a tough competitor.

For example, according to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, the new version of the Model S will reach the same speeds in less than two seconds and can reach 837 km on a single charge.

Rawlinson claims that Lucid Air propulsion technology is the most efficient and has the best power efficiency (7,5 km per kilowatt hour of battery life), beating Tesla's Model S and Model 3.

"For a sprinter, the benchmark is the record in the 100-meter raceSaid Rawlinson. "This can also be done with an electrical company cars".

Note that both Rawlinson as well as Elon Musk target the same market. The former Tesla engineer hopes to sell hundreds of thousands electric cars until the middle of the decade.

Rawlinson told Forbes he plans to make a million cars every year and wants the company to leave "her mark".

For this purpose, in 2023 one will be released new electric crossover car, called "Gravity", aiming to compete with Tesla's Model 3.

Rawlinson got a job at Tesla in 2009 and very quickly, in 2010, became chief engineer. It is mainly known for its development Model S. "I gave soul and body to this project", He remembers.


Lucid CEO says he has had a good relationship with Elon Musk for at least most of the time. "We both had obsession with perfection, with regard to technology- in simple words nothing was good enough", He states.

Rawlinson follows his strategy Musk in terms of the desire to conquer the market of electric vehicles, starting with more luxurious cars and going to lower categories, but claims that he does not want attention on him, like o Pureek.

"I am not an emperor. Lucid is a team effort", says. "This is a big difference. I do not expect anyone buying a Lucid Air to know my name. I do not expect them to know who Peter Rawlinson is".

Source: The Independent

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