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How to transfer games and files from PS4 to PS5 online

If you want to transfer your games and files from your old console PlayStation 4 (PS4) on a new PlayStation 5 (PS5), you have the option. Of course, if you have a standard game disc PS5 and PS4, you can install it disk on the PS5 unit and the games will be installed automatically.

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Data transfer via the Internet

The PS5 offers something called "Data Transfer", Which as the name suggests, allows you to transfer everything data from your old console to your new one. This is done by connecting to Internet and you can either complete the whole task wirelessly or using ethernet cables.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are logged in to the same PlayStation account on both consoles.

Then check that both consoles are connected to the same network Wi-Fi.

Once the consoles are connected to the same network, go back to “SettingsOn your PS5. Then go to System> System Software> Data Transfer.

When you select this last option, the PS5 will display more information about the data to be transferred from the PS4 and tell you that it will not be removed from the PS4.


You will then be asked to prepare for the data transfer by ensuring that both your consoles are turned on and connected to the same network.

When you press "Continue", you will be given a five minute countdown. You need to press the PS4 power button for a second until it sounds before the countdown ends.

Once this is done, you will see a list of data stored in the PS4 console storage. Choose what you want to carry, if not all.

You will find a similar list of games and applications for transfer to the PS5. Again, choose which one you want to transfer or select them all.

The PS5 will give you an estimated time it will take to transfer the stored data. This will come to the fore, which means you can not use the PS5 until it is complete. When the data transfer is complete, the games will appear in your main menu and your caches will be in your console storage.

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