HomesecurityUS: Reports of identity theft increased in 2020

US: Reports of identity theft increased in 2020

Η Federal Trade Commission The US Federal Reserve (FTC) recently announced that the number of fraud reports theft identity doubled in 2020, compared to 2019, arriving the 1,4 million reports in a single year.

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Throughout the past year, many have been identified attacks to government agencies that provided financial assistance to people who found themselves in a difficult position due to its pandemic COVID-19. The criminals having stolen data identity people did applications for benefits.

"The largest increase in identity theft fraud in 2020 is also related to the reduction of jobs nationwide", Said the FTC.

"As the government began giving more unemployment benefits to people who became unemployed due to the pandemic, cybercriminals began applying using other people's personal information.".

For example, the FTC received 394.280 reports on attempts fraud for government benefits, and in most cases they stole data from people to claim unemployment benefits.

Criminals also used stolen items from businesses to apply for loans government-funded small businesses.

"Last year, we had 99.650 reports of business or personal loan fraud, compared to 43.920 reports in 2019" he added the FTC.

The Federal Trade Commission of USA reported other reports of identity theft fraud.

For example, the Internal Revenue Service has identified many such scams and recently published guidelines for taxpayers on how to track down identity theft attempts for unemployment benefits.

His office Ministry of Finance USA also warned of an increase in pandemic-related scams COVID-19. Criminals try to gather personal information using bait as an aid. After stealing IDs, criminals use them for other scams (in relation to taxation, loans, etc.).

Source: Bleeping Computer


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