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Google is developing an anti-tracking feature for Android

Google is looking to develop an anti-tracking feature for Android similar to the one that will be released by Apple with iOS 14.5. The company is reportedly in the early stages of exploring how it can limit data collection and monitoring between applications for its mobile operating system. However, it intends to find a less stringent solution than Apple, so as not to completely alienate its advertising partners.

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Apple promotes the feature Transparency Tracking App, which requires developers to ask users for permission to collect the identification code of their devices. This code allows advertisers to watch the activity of users in applications and websites, allowing them to view targeted ads. The Apple would initially have to enforce the new policy with the debut of iOS 14, but decided to delay it to give developers more time to reshape the applications their. As you can guess, not everyone is happy with its implementation - the Facebook, for example, warned them developers that the feature could reduce revenue from app ads and more recently asked from users to choose ad tracking.

While Bloomberg sources have not revealed many details about Google's efforts, they said that the giant company will probably not demand from them developers to apply a prompt asking users to opt for data tracking like Apple. In addition, they reported that the company will likely find a solution similar to the way the Open Source Privacy Sandbox project aims to eliminate third party cookies in Chrome, while still allowing ads to be targeted. Google has developed a technology under the Privacy Sandbox which allows advertisers to target groups of people with similar interests instead of individuals.

According to reports, Google is trying to find a way to implement a similar anti-tracking feature that is not so strict / restrictive, in order to balance consumer privacy requirements with financial needs of developers and advertisers. The company has a legitimate interest in helping advertising partners, as it has earned over $ 100 billion annually advertising revenue recent years.

Source of information: engadget.com


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