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Apple's new AR / VR headset will have unique features

Rumors have been circulating for some time about an AR / VR headset, which will be released by Apple early next year.

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According to his report The Information, the headset will be equipped with more than twelve cameras to detect hand movements, along with two displays 8K extremely high resolution and advanced technology eye tracking. Cameras could take a real-world video, insert it into the headset and display it to the user, creating a "mixed reality effect".

The information states that internal images have been released by Apple, which show the "original" of the set from last year, which show an "elegant, curved cornice attached to the face with a mesh material and with the possibility of exchanging heads".

The report claims that the strap that will fasten the headset to his head user, will have spatial audio technology, such as AirPods Pro for a surround sound experience, while another optional headrest will provide extra battery life. These headrests are very likely to come in different colors.


Apple is said to be developing many ways to control the headset, including a "thimble-like device that will be worn on the user's finger". The headset could also respond to eye movements and gestures of users, while a prototype that was released also had a natural button on the side.

It is rumored that Apple is internally discussing the price of the headset, which reaches around 2.500 euros, according to the report. This price would definitely make Apple's headset a specialized, high-quality product, with the company setting a goal of generating only 250.000 units in its first year of release.

Some of these details have been mentioned in the past by Mark Gurman of BloombergThe CNET and other sources and The Information agrees that the handset will likely be released in 2022 at the earliest. Apple is also rumored to be working on a pair of more stylish and affordable AR glasses, but these are not expected until 2023 or later.


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