HomesecurityDiscord servers are used in cryptocurrency scam campaigns

Discord servers are used in cryptocurrency scam campaigns

Most of us have been watching Bitcoin (BTC) lately. Its price jumped in January and is currently at $ 37.000. Discord is a messaging and voice calling service that serves approximately 300 million users. But how are these two connected? You will learn by reading the following article!

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According to Kaspersky researcher Mikhail Sytnik, hackers are now hacking into Discord servers and sending private messages to users pretending to come from new, emerging cryptocurrency exchanges.

As new exchanges, they claim that they want to "support traders in the difficult times we are going through", trying to attract users with promises of free cryptocurrency. And, of course, the recipient is the lucky one to be given the free BTC or ETH.

Each message contains instructions and a code for accepting the "gift" and one link for enrollment on the fake exchange.


"The link opens to a site that looks like a cryptocurrency exchange, with an adaptive layout, smart design and exchange rate information, charts, order books and transaction history that cryptocurrency traders would expect to see on a trading platform, the researchers said. "The visitors they will also find technical support and many language options. "Apparently the hacker did a very good job of making the site look legitimate."

As cryptocurrency wallets are now a top target for hackers, websites also offer "two-factor authentication" and "phishing protection" options to make them look legitimate.

The victims who pass by registration process they must then provide a substantial personal profile containing contact details, ID photo, selfie and signature.

While these checks are now common in legitimate "cryptocurrency trading posts", this information may gather and sold to others Criminals in cyberspace or could possibly be used for identity theft.

In the last step of this attack, once the gift is submitted and accepted, the fraudsters demand a small "amount" in BTC, ETH or USD to process the gift. If a victim surrenders his cash, of course, he loses it.

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