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IBM Quantum Computers: Some calculations will be completed in hours, not months

As much as quantum computers have improved, they are far from taking the reins from conventional computers. IBM, however, may have made them more practical. The pioneering technology company has found a way to combine a new program execution environment, Qiskit, with a balance of "classic" and quantum computing to offer 100 times faster speedup for tasks that depend on repetitive circuit execution. Calculations that took months now will be completed in just a few hours, IBM said.

IBM Quantum Computers
IBM Quantum Computers: Some calculations will be completed in hours, not months

Qiskit alone allows you to run more circuits at a "much faster" rate and can save quantum programs so that other users can perform. However, it also uploads programs to conventional hardware located next to quantum machines. This is not a real deception - the movement is intended to reduce the latency between a user's computer and quantum chip.

IBM expects to release Qiskit sometime in 2021. Its program also contains quantum systems that handle a wider range of circuits, and thus a wider range of computing challenges, by 2022. New control systems and libraries in 2023 will help IBM achieve its goal operating systems with 1.000 or more qubits, bringing the company closer to complete quantum superiority where technology can handle any computational work.

The company quickly recognized that of course all this requires a lot of work and is a very future goal. It compares current quantum technology with the first computers - that is, it took a lot of work with non- automatic programming and it took many years to complete the workloads which now seem insignificant. Ideally, Qiskit and improved hardware will lead to a day when everyone can use quantum computing.

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