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Internet: How to Improve Your Connection Speed ​​- Complete Guide

You can use various methods and violations to get faster internet connection speed. There are various software modifications, hardware tricks or some basic security fixes that can help you increase your internet speed.

In the following detailed guide you will see many possible ways to control and increase your internet connection speed. Keep in mind that these are general tips and the actual connection speed depends heavily on your ISP.


Software fixes to increase internet speed

1. Check your speed

The first step we are going to do here is to do the internet speed test and the ping test. I think most of you have already heard of the best internet speed test in the world from Ookla, Speedtest.net.

Using Ookla Speedtest is very simple. All you have to do is visit Speedtest.net and click the BEGIN TEST button.

2. Make sure your browser and operating system are up to date

An old and outdated browser / operating system also slows down your internet speed and thus makes you get stuck in the middle of your web browsing, downloading / downloading files, etc. Make sure your browser and operating system are up to date for better speed. If you have difficulty let me know your browser, you can download the latest version directly from the following links:

  • Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox from here..
  • Download the latest version of Google Chrome from here..
  • Download the latest version of Safari from here..
  • Download the latest version of Internet Explorer from here..
  • Download the latest version of Edge Chromium from here..

To update your operating system, it is recommended that you find the appropriate update settings on your computer and go to the latest version operating system.

3. Check for background activities

Running in the background is the number one culprit when it comes to slowing down your internet speed. To ensure better speed, you need to control and "kill" these unnecessary activities running in the background of your device.

Windows users can control background activity by pressing CTR + Shift + ESC, while macOS users can search for "Activity Monitor" in Spotlight search.

Similar commands can also be used for systems Linux. For example, you can go ahead and use the gnome-system-monitor command to activate the system monitoring application on your Ubuntu computer.

4. Customize your browser for faster internet browsing

Users can also enhance their internet surfing experience by doing some changes in browsers. Make sure you clear your cache regularly, as it is sometimes the main cause of slowing down your browsing speed. You should also delete them extensions browser that you do not use regularly.

5. DNS hack to speed up the internet

Google DNS is recommended for faster and more secure internet.

To configure Google DNS, use these IP addresses:

  • For IPv4: and / or
  • For IPv6: 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888 and / or 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844

6. Stop downloading and sending torrents

Downloading and sending torrents can sometimes have a big impact on your internet speed. And worst of all, most of the time, these applications start automatically every time you activate the computer your. So if you are having problems with your speed, check and make sure your torrents are paused.

7. Free up wasted space

Programs that are installed on your computer and need internet operation slow down your speed, even if you do not have them you use. Therefore, you should uninstall programs that no longer serve you. Also, do not forget to delete temporary internet data generated by these programs.


Hardware fixes for faster internet

1. Detect problems with Wi-Fi

Not only does software slow down your speed, but your hardware can do the same. Our advice is to download and install Ofcom or any similar Wi-Fi control application to detect it problem and improve the Wi-Fi connection.

2. Installation of Wi-Fi router for good connection

The location of your router could play a key role in boosting Wi-Fi signal strength and therefore better internet speed. According to research, your router should placed somewhere central and at some height. Keep your router away from the microwave and point your antenna upwards for better access.

3. Choose the right Wi-Fi channel

Channel overlap blocks the Wi-Fi signal and slows down your internet speed. Choosing the right Wi-Fi channel reduces the interface and improves Wi-Fi performance. The overlay div is responsible for holding dimming the rest of the page nearby canals, therefore, the choice of channels 1, 6 and 11 is the best choice, as they are quite far and do not overlap (as shown in the image below).

4. Boost Wi-Fi with a beer can

To some, this method may seem ridiculous, but it actually works. Cut and place the beer can around the antenna in such a way that your appliances see the concave and shiny side of the beer can. As a result, aluminum can reflect the signal - which was previously lost in other directions - to you and give you a strong Wi-Fi signal.

But this method has its own limitations, as one side will be blocked. So, you should you adjust every time.

5. Best practices for increasing Wi-Fi speed

Follow the following practices to have a better and faster internet speed:

  • Check and update it firmware of your router.
  • Protect me password your router.
  • Disconnect old devices.
  • Check for signal interference from devices such as wireless phones, microwave ovens, etc.

6. Use the repeater to amplify the signal

If you use a Wi-Fi router in a large home and your router is not powerful enough, you may experience problem of slow Wi-Fi signal. It is generally recommended that you use a repeater to extend your Wi-Fi network. You can either use an old router and use it as a repeater or use a new repeater.

7. Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi if possible

Although Wi-Fi is more convenient, we have to admit that wired connections are much better than wireless. Therefore, if possible, use a wired connection as it is safer, faster, has a lower latency and no problems. wireless interference.


Security fixes for high speed internet

1. Scan for malware and adware

To address these risks, it is recommended that you use an effective antivirus product and scan your computer regularly for malware, viruses, adware, ransomware etc.

2. Check and protect your router from hacking attacks

We have seen in previous research how routers are vulnerable to cyber attacks. A big flaw was discovered and the widely used security protocol WPA2. The purpose of hacking into Wi-Fi can be anyone, from theft sensitive information to use the Wi-Fi bandwidth for the internet. If it is not detected, this can cause you a lot of trouble. So, what you need to do is first check the vulnerability in your router and take the necessary precautions.

3. Define network security

Prevention is better than cure. Setting up network security could be a great way to avoid any unwanted invasion. Make sure your network devices, such as routers and switches, are properly configured and password protected.

Here are some steps to protect your router.

  • Turn on the firewall.
  • Enable WPA2 or later WPA3.
  • Change the default SSID network name.
  • Use a strong one password.
  • Deactivation remote management.
  • Enable the MAC filter and recording feature.

These are all methods we have put together to speed up internet speed and we really hope they help you.

Source of information: fossbytes.com

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