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SpaceX: The Starship spacecraft exploded in a test landing

Η SpaceX performed the last high-altitude flight test of the spacecraft Starship to Mars, which, however, led to a huge explosion on landing.

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The original Starship SN9 started with the installation Boca Chica of SpaceX at Texas on Tuesday, reaching a height of about 10 kilometers before falling to Earth.

However, shortly before reaching the landing point, he made a complicated maneuver, but failed to correct his course and collided with the platform landing.

A previous one effort launch and landing of a prototype Starship in December, also resulted in an explosion, following a failed landing.

Another launch and landing of a prototype Starship is expected in the near future, with the SN10 already on a nearby take-off platform.

SpaceX had stressed the importance and difficulty of achieving a safe landing for the Starship, in a post it made on its website before the test on Tuesday.


"A controlled aerodynamic descent on the body wings and the vertical landing capacity, combined with the refill in space, are critical to the Starship landing at destinations throughout solar system"where there are no surfaces or corridors prepared so that it can return to Earth," the publication said.

"This feature will allow a fully reusable system designed to carry both crew and cargo on long-haul flights, interplanetary flights and to help humanity return to the moon and travel to Mars and beyond.

The CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, previously stated that it hopes to build up to 100 Starship spacecraft each year, each capable of carrying up to 100 people.

Tuesday's test was only the second major high-altitude flight for the Starship and despite achieving an elevated and controlled descent, the landing effort was not as good as its effort. SN8.

Of course, this failure is unlikely to deter Mr. Musk, who last year reduced the development of the Starship to "top priority»For SpaceX.


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