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Facebook: Will ask users if they agree to be tracked

The upcoming Ad Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature in iOS 14, has increased the rivalry between Facebook and Apple. Facebook is launching tests for its own updates, which will ask users to allow it monitoring applications and websites. This comes before the official presentation of the feature by Apple, which will highlight which ones applications and sites monitor the activity of its users.


Facebook has been pushing for iOS 14 ad transparency in recent months. The feature was scheduled to launch last year, but Apple postponed it so that industry to be able to prepare for this big change.

Last week, tensions between Facebook and Apple peaked, with Mark Zuckerberg saying that Apple has "motivation to interveneTo his company and Tim Cook to say the next day that Facebook's business model leads to "polarization" and "violence». In addition, Facebook is believed to be preparing an antitrust treatment v. Apple over upcoming iOS 14 ad transparency feature.

In accordance with CNBC, Facebook announced that it is starting testing its own updates, which they will give to users its ability to decide whether to allow platform to monitor their activity. The tests will also be performed at Instagram.

In addition to promoting tracking as a way to offer personalized ads, Facebook also hopes to persuade users to allow tracking to "support ad-based businesses to reach customers».

Facebook says that whatever choices users make during this trial period will be observed and saved. Users can also change ad tracking settings at any time. Apple will also offer a switch to turn off monitoring and in addition they will be able to manage individual applications.


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